ISTTOK main components

ISTTOK tokamak comprises several main components crucial for its operation, including the structural assembly. Some of this components are integral parts of support systems.

Toroidal field

The toroidal field is generated by 24 pancake coils made of 8 copper foils equipped with water cooling pipes. They were designed to support 20 MW non-continuous power. Nevertheless ISTTOK is operated nominally at 6.5kA, ~80V steady current during 5s. 3 out of this 5 seconds account for a stabilized current with less than 1% ripple. With a duty-cycle operation of less than 1% (OFF time >300s) the toroidal solenoid can be operated with passive air cooling.


Current supply

Poloidal fields


Power amplifiers


Support structure

Vacuum system

Primary vacuum

High vacuum

Gas injection

Background pressure

Gas puffing


Residual gas analyzer

===Broadband spectrometer